Why Social Media Marketing is a need for Small Scale Industries?

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Small Scale Industries in India is having its large base.

Many states in India are having its uniqueness in small scale industries.

Whether be in art and craft or in textile or in painting or in anything, small scale industries are still a big market in India.

Here, many tourists from around the world come to India to buy art, paintings, spices, etc… also to visit many areas in India where these things are promoted.

Small Scale Industries are slowly getting noticed and encouraged by the Government of India, and sometimes they put up exhibitions and stalls in trade shows, in big cultural events

But what lack these small scale industries is getting is that they are not getting that much of importance which compared to other medium scale or large scale industries

are getting that much of importance or platform to promote their products.

That’s why there is a need for a platform where these small scale industries to need a platform where they can promote their products to its customers and create

Social media is used for social sharing, posting, making comments and also to do business promotion.

Many industries use social media to keep their customers engage with their products.

Similarly, small scale industries too can use this platform to promote and keep their customers engage.

Now the question lies about how to use this tool for promotion of small scale industries and, why such tools are encouraged for this industry?

Well, Social media connects us with people all over the world.

People from different countries and different cultures can join social media platforms.

So when small scale industries join in social media sites they can connect with many customers not only from India but with customers from other countries.

So, when these industries get connected with customers from all over the globe, they not only promote their products but also get a large customer base.

Further, they no more have to wait for any cultural, trade shows or festive seasons, or to put up stalls and sell their products.

They can do it at any time, anywhere.

Small scale industries in western countries have flourished just because of social media marketing.

They have got themselves a significant number of customer bases.

There, one of the reasons for small scale industries getting flourish, is that the customers are aware of social media sites and also they know the technique of using

But in the case of countries like India, where Social Media Marketing is at a growing stage, many small scale industry entrepreneurs are not aware of such social media sites,

and as such there lies a big gap between them and the outside world.

Hence, it is a need to make them aware of such technologies that can act as a bridge between them and the customers.

It will not only give them a chance to make a huge customer base but also can get an opportunity to promote their products to other industries in other countries.

They can get opportunities to promote their products to various countries where there is a demand for their products.

Products of small scale industries are always in demand in western countries.

For that reason, there are inflows of many tourists to many Asian countries.

In India, especially, there are many states where the governments of various states try to promote these small industries to sell their products.

Though it helps in getting their products to reach the audiences not many of them intend to buy at the same time.

It is a need for making aware of social media sites that can generate traffic, income, the customer base for the small industries.

They should know the importance of Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and how to use these social sites for their product promotion?

It is vital for them to use these sites for this purpose as it will help them to engage customers and increase their sales at rapid growth.

They don’t have to go from one place to another in selling their products.

Using these sites they can get in touch with companies who promote such products and can supply their products to these companies.

They can get in touch with other small scale industries across the globe and get help from them regarding how to increase customer base, what sort of technology they

are using for their manufacturing, aligning with them and making a joint partnership in selling products to that region.

Social media marketing is a big boost for not only large scale industries but even for medium and small scale industries.

As many users are using smartphones and the number of a user having internet are increasing at a rapid pace, hence it is a big potential for the small

scale industries to promote and sell their products through social networking sites.

If small scale industries strategically use the sites for their promotion then they not only make a significant size of the customer base or make a profit but can

turn their small scale industries to medium scale and later to large scale industries.

They may also help in giving job opportunities to many employees.