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Terms & Conditions

To keep our clients and employees refreshed with company’s terms and conditions, Techno Flavour might want to draw your consideration here.

  • Techno Flavour wants to put client’s business on top of all search engines in right way along these lines here are some basic terms and conditions on which its professionals are working hard.
  • Techno Flavour is focused to work on all projects with full consideration of Google algorithm and update. Alongside various kinds of Google algorithm and updates, the group of professionals also pays notice on diverse terms and conditions of search engines. In this manner, the experts carry submitted results to the customers.
  • Albeit the company is focused on its strategies and goals to accomplish focus on diverse projects however it also understands the significance of search engines. The company believes that search engine provides demonstrated results just to those who follow the terms and conditions precisely and keep up with the latest marvel.
  • The company always uses ‘white cap’ SEO method as it brings dependable results to client’s website. It is even useful for the professionals to work hard on the same and keeps it safe from any diverse ups and downs of SEO which happens because of sudden rise of Google algorithms and creeping.
  • Being a dependable and focused association, the experts accept to get one of a kind and quality substance from client’s end according to the arrangement for their SEO advancement. In case, the substance has less quality and uniqueness then, at that point, the company is not responsible for search engine ranking and any sort of postponement in advancement.
  • We might want to keep customers mindful of the way that search engine advancement is useful just when the website is SEO agreeable. Subsequently, it is advised to all customers to have a SEO agreeable website otherwise you need to compromise on ranking aspect.
  • The professionals are devoted to work hard on all SEO projects and carry quality backlinks on client’s site with smart work. The experts utilize articles, blogs, press release and business listing to concoct demonstrated results which surely takes the business on next level.
  • Yet, with regards to get all deliverable including articles, blogs press releases, website contents, testimonials and video for SEO work then, at that point, company don’t expects any sort of deferral in giving these deliverable’s. Assuming company gets these deliverable’s late, unquestionably the task of advancing website will gets delay. In this case, the company is not responsible.
  • In case, the server is not working as expected because of some reasons and the search engine is going to slither to the website at the same time then, at that point, Techno Flavour is not responsible. The search engine leaves a blunder on the site which reflects that the flow ranking will get down and again Techno Flavour is not responsible for it.
  • Techno Flavour doesn’t accept on “ensured” word as we trust in assurance. We make a point to give great and successful results in best possible way.
  • The group of experts works hard on every essential aspect and factor of SEO as our objective is to welcome the site on first page. Here, the company might want to clear that professional’s objective is first position yet the responsibility is for first page. Presumably, the devoted group works hard on every aspect of SEO and focused on bring great results yet, it doesn’t imply that we ensure.
  • In case client is rolling out some improvements on their website on their own then, at that point, he/she has to advise us for the same as it can influence our on page advancement otherwise the company is not responsible for search engine ranking. Being a responsible and approved company to deal with the SEO project of an association, it is our entitlement to know what, where, how and when is occurring on the site.
  • Assuming the association has taken any paid service from any source, also the professionals need to educate us as Google considers paid service as a piece of “Dark Hat SEO”. We will surely go through the service and see if it is useful for SEO or not.
  • In case, if client’s competitors make some trash links on some restricted sites to let down the standing and ranking of the website then, at that point, Techno Flavour is not responsible for the awful advancement. We might want to advise our customers that those awful and trash links will let down client’s website ranking inadequately.
  • On the off chance that clients have given their SEO project to Techno Flavour, the whole responsibility of ranking and marking lies on our company. Yet, in case assuming client has given the same project to some other association, client must need to advise us. Regardless of whether the website is under in house work, then, at that point also the client needs to advise us. Otherwise two side or twofold enhancement may prompt let down the ranking seriously and afterward, we are not responsible for it.

We at Techno Flavour might want to request every one of our customers to view every one of these terms and conditions of the company before handover the SEO project, as we will be happy to get a gesture and satisfaction from their end as well, to proceed with the project. We therefore assure clients that just accept on our words and let us work on it; we will surely bring you satisfactory service.

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